Seedwell Launches American Hipster Original YouTube Channel



SF-based creative studio's hipster-themed, channel features three weekly shows from documentary to movie reviews to pop culture news.


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., March 26, 2012 – SF-based creative studio, Seedwell, launched its new YouTube channel "American Hipster" today with premiere episodes for three weekly, hipster-themed shows. This is the newest channel to launch as part of YouTube's original channels offering that was announced last October.


"Many people think the whole hipster thing is over," said Peter Furia, spokesperson for American Hipster and Head of Strategy at Seedwell. "But the fact that the term is still so contentious makes us think there's substance to explore. We also suspect there's new humor to enjoy as hipsterism's influence expands further into the mainstream and crosses generations."


Two of American Hipster's shows offer new and entertaining takes on already popular YouTube formats: "Max Movie Reviews" is a Hollywood movie review show hosted by a witty, talking hipster baby, and "Hipster Grandmas" is a weekly roundup of pop trends and celebrity news by two funny old ladies (played by a young gal and her gay BFF). Both shows make fun of pop culture, celebrities and, of course, old and new hipster stereotypes.


The third show, "American Hipster Presents," takes a decidedly different route, using documentary to examine some of the less discussed, positive aspects of hipster culture. The flagship show for the channel, "American Hipster Presents" explores the passions of American trendsetters in the worlds of music, art, food, style, and social life.


The diversity of the three shows is no surprise given Seedwell's production resume. The company is best known not only for its numerous viral video hits that have amassed over 40 million views on YouTube (including "The New Dork," "Telephone: The Office Version," (Lady Gaga parody), "BigDog Beta," "Puke In My Mouth" (SNL parody), and "Tweet It"), but also for its award winning feature length documentary "Salaam Dunk," which is about an Iraqi women's basketball team.


Seedwell hopes the American Hipster channel's blend of both short, comedic content and longer form, documentary-style content will engage young, tech-savvy YouTube viewers in a variety of ways. "People already know that YouTube is the best place to watch and interact with the latest pop culture news and internet memes, and we think Max Movie Reviews and Hipster Grandmas will offer those viewers a unique and comedic hipster-themed lens through which to engage with that news," said Furia.


"But we're equally excited to bring new audiences to YouTube with America Hipster Presents," added Furia. "These are beautifully filmed, longer episodes that profile trendy people who are truly passionate about their respective crafts, and it comes through in their stories. We think viewers will enjoy leaning back and getting immersed in these characters week after week."


"It's an exciting time to be a content creator in this space," said Beau Lewis, Head of Business at Seedwell. "YouTube is bringing people an expanding number of high quality, niche channels that not only speak to them, but that also listen to, and interact with, them. Furthermore, YouTube's hands-off creative approach allows us to do what we do best – make videos that people love to watch and share. It's great for viewers, creators and advertisers."


About Seedwell

Seedwell is a creative studio based in San Francisco that specializes in video production. The company was founded in March 2008 by Peter Furia, Beau Lewis, and David Fine, lifelong friends with backgrounds in film production, music production, social media marketing and online community building. Often working with top agencies and brands, Seedwell makes TV commercials, web shows, viral videos, and films.

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